Thursday, April 21, 2005

Considering His Holiness Benedict XVI
Being as I am so new to the Church that any real history is absent, in that way I have been allowed to come to Christ as a child (Matthew 18:3) and was jubilant and both applauded and cheered as the smoke poured out of the pipe and then, about 40 minutes later, as the new Pope stepped out onto the balcony.
My admiration for John Paul II predates my conversion (or perhaps, in retrospect, began my conversion), but I am still feeling such a loss at his death that it is hard to revel in the celebration of the new Pontificate. I do have to say that, of the palpabili, I was simultaneously excited and frightened by the idea of Cardinal Ratzinger ascending to the Papacy. So I am trying to position myself with monitored enthusiasm. I finished RISE, LET US BE ON OUR WAY the night before the election (an appropriate coincidence), and on page 165 Pope John Paul II writes about Ratzinger: "I thank God for the presence and assistance of this great man, who is a trusted friend." So, in having the respect I do for John Paul, I feel I must place my doubt aside and lean towards hope for the future. It is my wish that we all, too, may someday echo John Paul II's sentiment.

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