Monday, September 18, 2006

Autumn Ends

Invitation to preview AUTUMN ENDS video slideshowIt has been six weeks in the studio and on the computer preparing for the release of four new pieces of music for Christmas this year. Release of the tracks is expected as early as this week, and I am gathering all of the tools in my possession to attract attention to this little work. Please listen and, if you enjoy, pass the URLs along to your friends and family to share with them, as well.

Details about Autumn Ends, as well as FLASH samples of each track, can be found at the album blog, AUTUMN ENDS. While the music may be enjoyed on it's own without knowing the "story", the music came about as a meditation on the Holy Mother and takes a look at her life in the moments when it changes for her forever as she leaves the world she has known behind to become the mother of a messiah. The blog will have more backstory for you!

UPDATE: September 22, 2006: Autumn Ends was officially released today via the internet. The video of the title track has been added to my music site home page. The EP is available for immediate download at 99 cents per track. In celebration of the release of this new work, we have also posted a dozen more tracks of my work, which are available as free MP3 downloads.

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