Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year: New Design (updated)

Welcome and Happy New Year!
At last 2008 has ended, and I pray and hope that with it goes much of the trials and tribulations we all experienced over those twelve months. During that year I often had the experience of being reminded that fighting the darkness was not the same as walking in the light. As such, I was absent much of the last quarter of 2008, despite the evidence of light through the many wonderful people who extended themselves.

Fresh new look.
But the year is gone, the political landscape is about to change, and there is some enthusiasm for what lies ahead. And in externalizing that enthusiasm we have given this blog a new look to celebrate an optimism about the new year. Happy new year, indeed!

Glancing back.
One quick personal note. Tomorrow is the twelfth anniversary of a bright light in my life burning out much too quickly. My friend Joyce's time with us here ended on January 12, 1997, and my world became ever so much darker. She was a good friend and mentor for many years.

Peace and blessings in the new year.

UPDATE 05/07/2011:  After slightly more than two years using this new design, we have converted our blog to the new Blogger format, allowing for quick and easy(er) changes. As a result, the design mentioned in this post has been replaced. We miss seeing the Buddha in our sidebar, but hope you will enjoy our even newer,  fresher look.]

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