Friday, October 22, 2010

When reason is overshadowed

This seems a remarkable story, but if you are familiar with the Gospels it is not really that unusual of a story - except that this happened in 2010 in Roseville, California.

While at the Roseville Galleria Mall a youth minister approached some young women who agreed to speak with him. According to the news report, the discussion included faith as well as other topics. During the conversation a private security guard approached and, according to the story in the Sacramento Bee newspaper, "ordered" him to leave. The young man refused and was arrested and turned over to the Roseville Police.

It seems that the Roseville Galleria Mall had a rule which restricts guests from speaking to strangers unless it was about the mall.

The charges against the young man were eventually dropped, and he has sued the mall claiming his civil rights were violated.

Bringing a bit of sanity to this case, the California Supreme Court ruled against the Mall this past Wednesday (Oct 20, 2010), stating in part that this rule was "... 'unconstitutional on their face' under the California Constitution's free speech guarantee..."

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