Friday, July 15, 2016

Sign from above

Ok, so I am driving down the freeway earlier today and, above the overpass that is coming up, I see the figure of a person in a bright orange shirt waving their arms and making a point of attracting attention. After the onslaught of horrible news overnight, and just for an instant, my mind thought it might be a bad guy up to something (because we all know that all bad guys wear bright orange shirts and wave their arms and try to be noticed before doing no good).

At any rate, as I got closer I could see that the figure, which was now recognizable as a young male, was also jumping up and down between waves. Finally I was close enough to see why he wanted our attention: in enormous letters on the front of his bright orange shirt were the words "John 3:16". What a perfect way, and what a perfect moment, to remind those of us driving down that road, that love is always the answer.

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