Friday, June 04, 2004

White book. Black book. Blue book.
There is something to be said for any object that can incite an action. It is even more amazing when the action is to read scripture.

White book. Black Book. Blue Book. Not a Dr. Seuss rhyme, but rather a part of the celebration of Advent, Lent and Easter. For the last two years I, and hundreds of others, have had the remarkable experience of sharing in the insight of Bishop Ken Untener from the Diocese of Saginaw. For each of the three Holy seasons in the Church, Bishop Untener and his staff have created delightful little booklets which offers a daily reflection and verse. These little "six minute" readings, which provide an opportunity for
Lectio Divina, are as simple in their design as they are powerful in their punch.

Over the last two years I have learned some interesting things ....

"The Pharisees were neither priests nor part of the official structure of Judaism."
On St. Nicholas of Flue: "The Swiss affectionally call him "Bruder Klaus," and even today people visit the mountain where, after leaving his wife and 10 children, he began to live as a hermit."
Some religious statistics: The world population is approximately six billion ... here is the estimated membership of some of the world religions:
* Muslim = 1.2 billion
* Roman Catholic = 1 billion
* Hindu = 760 million>
* Buddhist = 350 million>
* Jewish = 14 million

... as well as some remarkable things ...

Jesus prays for us: "... at the end of his prayer at the Last Supper table, Jesus explicitly prays for us: "I pray ...for those who will believe in me through their word."

But Easter is over and Advent is months away and, as I finish my last "Little book" of the Catholic year, I cannot help but pause and spend these few moments thanking Bishop Untener and his staff. And I can not help but wonder what will come of this wonderful tradition when we arrive at the Christmas season.

For you see, Bishop Untener died earlier this year. Just as I was embarking on the journey of words with him for the Easter season, his soul lifted away from his body and crossed into the light. And as I put away this last book of the year, I recognize that it might truly be the last book.

Lectio Divina. White book. Black book. Blue book.

May peace and blessings find you always.

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