Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Dalai Lama: "Study of religion essential to understand right and wrong"

On Sunday from India, His Holiness urged people to study and use the knowledge of religion to understand what is right and wrong.

“To understand what is the right path, one needs to base knowledge upon extensive study. At the same time, one should not just be satisfied by attaining bookish knowledge, but understand and implement it in the course of life.”

Praising India for its proverbial "Unity in diversity", His Holiness noted that the world could take a lesson in tolerance from India.

“The world today is torn apart in the name of religion. India, on the other hand, has religions that were born inside it and those that came from other countries. Despite this, it treats different religions at par and is highly tolerant.”

The Dalai Lama also added that people should try to learn the principles of different religions — which espouse the universal message of peace and non-violence, and reminded us that Gautam Buddha was not treated as God in Buddhist philosophy and that he was a human being.

“Buddha was a human being and he lived a normal mortal life. Hence, we do not call Buddhism a religion of the Gods, but a religion of the people."

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