Friday, July 31, 2009

Crazy Love: Day 0

Crazy Love
Overwhelmed by a Relentless God

by Francis Chan (with danae yankoski)

I started reading "Crazy Love" tonight. I don't remember exactly how I found the book, it seemed like one of those sort of divine moments when what you needs just drops onto your lap. From the reviews and previews, it seems this book will be life changing. Ok, we have all heard that before. Hyperbole sells books.

So my idea was to document my reading of the book. I will see if I can make that happen, right here. As some of you may know, the recession has hit us hard and nearly every aspect of what we know of as life is changing or has changed: money, home, family, work. So it may not be possible to post as often as I imagine can happen. But in a way this will be a sort of very public therapy for me. In part because, now more than ever, I could use something life changing, I will give it a try. Join me on this part of the journey?

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