Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Year 2: White book. Black book. Blue book.

Every year at this time I have a little ritual surrounding the conclusion of my reading the last entry in my little white book when I offer a short prayer of thanks and place the book in a special place for safekeeping (yes, I actually have gone back to them to look up information or a quote!).
With a blue book for Advent and Christmas, a black book for Lent and a white book for the Easter season, it seems like my ending of one year and starting of the next are reflected through the writings in these little gems. It also seems hard to believe that it has been almost a year since I put the last white book away (see 2004's White book. Black book. Blue book). Which means that it has been nearly a year since the author of the books, Bishop Ken Untener, entered the house of our heavenly Father.

Catherine Haven and the folks at the Diocese of Saginaw did a great job keeping the tone of these books for this year, and my hat is off to them all! If you have not had the opportunity to enjoy these books containing little six minute reflections and a short Gospel reading, then you should definitely make the effort to contact these folks and line up copies for your Parish. They can be reached on the web at www.dioceseofsaginaw.com.

At the end of the 2005 white book, Bishop Untener (and/or the staff at the Saginaw Diocese) remind us that these books are not meant to teach us scripture, but are intended to help us "be with God and let God speak to us", and that "we listen, and we speak to God". Six minutes every day. Not a lot to ask for an easy way to get closer to our Father. My question to the folks in Saginaw is: when will we see little green books for the rest of the year?

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